In the Stae of Victoria, children who turn 5 years of age on or before 30th April in the year they commence Prep are eligible for enrolment in Primary School.

Enrolment application packs for Prep will be available from the school office from March of the preceding year. The pack contains all relevant information for enrolment.

Sacred Heart is a Parish Primary School community and as such, we give first preference to baptised Catholic children living within Sacred Heart Parish boundaries.


Enrolment DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY FOLLOW as a result of an application.

Since the school exists to serve the Catholic Church, preference for enrolment will be given to Catholic children whose family worship life is centred in the the Partnered parishes of Sacred Heart Newport and St Margaret Mary's Spotswood. Catholic Parish.

Children of other faiths will be welcomed providing there are places and it has been established that the parents making the application can support the ethos of this school and the Catholic identity of the school is not compromised. Enrolment of children of other faiths to the exclusion of Catholic children will be avoided.

Students are not excluded from Sacred Heart School if genuine financial hardship prevents the payment of school fees in total or in part. However, exemption from payment of fees must be sought (in writing) each year from the principal.

A copy of our enrolment policy is available on request.



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