Religious Education

Religious Education is at the centre of both the formal and informal Catholic school curriculum.

Catholic schools are characterised by a high proportion of Catholic teachers and students, with a visible Catholic symbolic culture and active sacramental and liturgical practices. The values, ideals and challenges of the Gospel, embodied in the person of Jesus Christ, find explicit expression in the curriculum and ethos of Catholic schools, as do the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church.

Palm Sunday

 Sacred Heart School's Religious Education Program is based  on  the Archdiocese of Melbourne's Religious Education  Program: To  Know, Worship and Love

 In the Religious Education curriculum framework each Year  level  has a learning focus that broadly outlines the dimensions  of  religious learning and the key practices and beliefs students need  to engage with at each level.

The Religious Education Program for students in Years Prep - 2 is founded upon the Good Shepherd Experience. Students in Year 3-6 engage with a Religious Education Program that is based upon the inquiry process; a faith seeking understanding approach to inquiry.  

Other materials and references are used to support the Religious Education Program and the Program is further supported by the school's Religious Education Co-ordinator.

Prayer is an important part of children's development of their relationship with God and is particularly encouraged through their participation in class prayers, paraliturgies and school Masses.

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