The Arts

The Arts program is developed from AusVels and every student has access to participate in a structured and planned Arts Program according to the curriculum and as set out by AusVELs min. standards. The Program is developmental in its nature and builds on the experiences of the students from Prep to Year 6. 


The Arts Program at Sacred Heart School focuses on:


Visual Arts - Painting, Drawing, Collage, Art Appreciation, History and Theory

Performance Arts - Acting, Dancing and Improvisations

Music - Rhythm, Beat, Music Appreciation, Basic Notation and Culture 


Visual Arts

Students are given the opportunity to express their creativity using many different mediums. All classes will have a weekly lesson. During these lessons students' imaginations will be challenged, personal expression will be encouraged and art skills will be developed.


Music & Performing Arts

All students are encouraged to develop a love of music and performing through creating, making and presenting. They will sing, dance, move, perform, learn about music theory and music of other cultures and about masters in the field of music and performing.

The Classroom teachers also use Art Performance and Music as part of their classroom program particularly in Religion/ Inquiry Units/ and Literacy; and this is further developed through the Design and Technology Units in the upper classes. 

Choir – Choir is presently available for students from Years 3-5 as a lunchtime activity and will provide a range of performance opportunities for students both at school and within the community. 

The Year 5 & 6 students participate in a Production each year towards the end of Term 3.

Instrumental Lessons:

Students have access to a range of instruments to learn. Lessons are run by external providers (Creative Music) and are offered after school hours, depending on the instrument selected by the child and parent- in collaboration with our lesson providers. We currently offer Guitar and Keyboard.

Excursions and Incursions:

Each year students in the Senior Classes are invited to attend the Musical Performances undertaken by local Secondary Schools.  These Excursions play an important role in developing a broader knowledge of music and performance and about how performances are created, their inspiration and how they are presented.

Further opportunities to engage in artistic endeavors are provided for students as part of school liturgies and paraliturgies/ Assemblies/ Classroom performances in front of the individual classes or year levels/ Assembly performances in front of the school community/ Choir/ Year 5&6 Annual Production/ The Art Show/ Cheer Leading and at the School Fete.





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