Year 5 & 6 Production

Each Year the Year 5 & 6 students produce a show with the help of our parents and staff.


In 2014 the Students "Raised the Rooftop"


Production 3          Production 2


In 2015 they performed "Bring on Broadway"

Mary Poppins      production 2016



In 2016 they performed "The Garden"




The Story is set in a garden where life is harmonious and all is fine with  the world, until one day when Spider hears the Roses talking about how wonderful they are.  

Spider reminds Rose that we all have gifts and we all need each other. The Roses become quite angry with Spider and make fun of  him telling him that he does not belong in the garden because he is ugly and he spins a dirty web. Spider’s heart is broken.

The members of the garden (tress, birds, etc) decide to teach the Roses a very important lesson – that we all have gifts to share, and we are all important. Through Spider’s web the Roses learn that we are all connected.

Everyone has an important role to play and we need each other, always.




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