Student Wellbeing

At Sacred Heart School we believe that student learning and wellbeing are intrinsically linked and are the responsibility of all members of the school community.


We promote respectful relationships between staff, students and families and understand the importance of working together in order to help students thrive, both personally and academically.

A sense of belonging and connectedness is developed through caring relationships and healthy friendships between students and teachers, teachers and families and between families.

We promote positive attitudes and behaviours in an environment that acknowledges individual needs and the development of problem solving skills to address life’s challenges. We encourage our students to develop resilience and optimism, to take responsible risks and to be reflective and learn from their mistakes.

We enforce a “No Bullying” policy and believe every child needs a safe, caring, and nurturing learning environment where they are happy, supported and challenged to achieve their personal best. A positive school culture at Sacred Heart enables each child to:

Student Wellbeing

  • learn to recognise and manage emotions and care about others
  • make good decisions, behave ethically and responsibly
  • develop positive relationships, and avoid negative behaviours
  • develop resilience and problem solving skills to achieve important social/life tasks
  • develop and maintain friendships


Sacred Heart School implements a number of strategies to support students including whole school initiatives, external intervention agencies and a discipline policy based on:
self moderation, assertiveness, empowerment, positive reinforcement and reconciliation.

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