Bullying is a serious issue for everyone in a school community.  It can happen anywhere, anytime, and can have devastating consequences. Any child can be bullied.  That is why all members of the school community are called on to make a stand and lend a hand to prevent and respond to bullying behaviour and to make sure schools are safe and supportive places, where everyone is empowered to help reduce the incidence of bullying.


  • Being bullied at school can seriously affect your physical and mental health


  • The majority of reported bullying (90%) happens during school break times


  • In Australian schools, bullying affects approximately 1 student in every 4


  • Cyberbullying is increasingly becoming a danger to young people in Australia; affecting at least 1 in 10 students. It can happen at any hour, anywhere and reach a vast audience


  • Children who bully others at the age of 14 years are likely to still engage in aggression at the age of 32 years and to have children who themselves engage in bullying and aggression


“Bullying can be very harmful and it should not be part of anyone’s growing up.”

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