Student Leadership

The philosophy of providing quality education through a partnership between teachers, children and parents is a focus of Sacred Heart School. Opportunities for student leadership provide a forum for student modelling of gospel values, and involvement in stewardship and active citizenship.


  • To provide opportunities for students to demonstrate their talents, skills, passions and interests while developing new leadership skills
  • To develop and promote student responsibility to take action and make a difference in the school community through implementation of school activities
  • To connect young people to their communities and develop students’ understanding of active
  • citizenship
  • To provide opportunities for young people to learn, create and change
  • To support students to implement actions in their schools and local community which contribute to generating positive social change
  • To provide explicit support in areas of faith and social justice, wellbeing, environment, and student leadership. Such areas are prominent in supporting students’ development of stewardship and to become active participants in the wider community


  • Student leadership involves: School Captains, House Captains, Junior School Council, Liturgy Leaders, Mini Vinnies, Art, Library LOTE & Sports Monitors.
  • ICT Leaders and ICT Support
  • Students will be provided with opportunities during their schooling to develop leadership skills
  • Students will be recognised in their leadership positions by wearing a badge stating their position
  • Students will develop a sense of team spirit by belonging to a nominated sporting house. Siblings from the same family will belong to the same house