Leadership Roles

Each Year, four students in Year 6 are chosen to undertake the roles of School Captain and Vice-Captain and House Captains are chosen to represent the school and the student body.

The student Leaders are called upon to take on extra duties to help develop a pride and spirit in the school.  They are required to be a good model of leadership and positive sporting behaviour to the whole school community.

The school House Colours are :  Red, Blue, Gold, Green

The Junior School Council

Two students from each class are nominated to represent their fellow students on the Junior School Council. (J.S.C.)

The school’s Pastoral Care Co-ordinator meets each week with the members of the Council to discuss matters specific to the well-being of the whole community.

Hobsons Bay Student Council

Two students from Year 6 represent the school on a rotational basis with other students from Primary and Secondary Schools in the area at the Hobsons Bay Junior Council.  The Representatives report on matters of interest that are occurring at their school and discuss with Council Members issues relevant to the youth of Hobsons Bay.