Student Voice, Agency & Leadership

Student voice, agency and leadership have a central role in improving student outcomes and supporting student safety and wellbeing. At Sacred Heart Primary School students have many opportunities to participate and collaborate about matters that are important to them.

MacKillop Leaders

Mary MacKillop is a significant figure in the story of Sacred Heart Primary School. Just like Mary MacKillop, Sacred Heart students are encouraged to take action and ‘never see and need without doing something about it’. And just like Mary MacKillop, students are encouraged to be be courageous and make a difference in their world.

Students in Year 2 to Year 6 elect one student from their class each year to represent them as MacKillop Leaders.

MacKillop Leaders will:

  • be a positive role model for all students
  • attend MacKillop Leader meetings throughout the term
  • provide a voice for students in their class
  • work collaboratively with the other MacKillop leaders
  • keep the student community informed by reporting back after each meeting to the students in their class.
  • provide opportunities for students of Sacred Heart to be proactive, contributing members of our community

Year 6 Portfolio Teams

Students in Year 6 select one area of passion and interest from those listed below to be a part of in their final year of primary school. Through the portfolio areas, students learn to work with others, collaborate, investigate, explore and take action in a meaningful way.

  • Sustainability
  • Indigenous Perspectives
  • Social Justice
  • Student Wellbeing

Other opportunities for student voice, agency and leadership include School Captains, Vice Captains & Sports House Captains