Virginia Oqueli

Learning Support Officer

Hello,  my name is Virginia Oqueli, I have been working as an LSO at Sacred Heart since 2001. I also work every Saturday morning at the Victorian School of Languages (VSL) teaching VCE Spanish. I was born in El Salvador, Central America and in 1987 my parents, my two younger siblings and myself migrated to Australia.  I also have an older brother that now has joined us, he was living in Argentina.

My siblings and I are married and have children, my parents have 8 grandchildren to enjoy. I have only one child, Andre and he is 28 years old. I did my primary and secondary schooling back in El Salvador in a school called Sacred Heart as well. I completed my three university degrees here at Monash. Before coming to Australia from 1985-1987, I was working as a primary school teacher at my old school. I taught grade 2 and then grade 3-4.