Learning & Teaching

Sacred Heart is an inclusive Catholic education community where all members are respected, cared for and have a strong sense of belonging. We believe that we are all unique in our ability to learn and we can all experience success. We believe that the best education we can give our children is one where the school and family work together in partnership. 

Learning and Teaching begins with the needs of the individual child and works towards developing their potential as lifelong learners.   We believe that students will develop the necessary skills to contribute as active and socially just citizens through a curriculum that integrates faith and life, engaging learning experiences and varied teaching approaches and feedback. 

We believe that children learn best when they:

  • feel safe & confident in their learning environment
  • are curious and ask questions
  • are challenged at their ‘just right’ learning point with a task that is interesting and is purposeful 
  • are building on prior knowledge and experiences
  • have room to move, to try new ideas, to make mistakes and to reflect on their learning
  • are active and involved, making discoveries, solving problems, explaining to others what they are doing
  • are given opportunities to practise a new skill
  • can learn at their own rate and in a way that matches how they learn best
  • are supported in their learning by parents and teachers 

The capacity to navigate the current landscape – to learn together, to work from evidence, to animate and support learners, and to lead in faith and transformation – presents us with great opportunities and exhilarating challenges. As Catholic educators, we are called to meet these opportunities and challenges with courage and with faith, hope and love for our students.

We believe that contemporary learning and teaching practice:

  • embodies the traditions and values of the mission of the Catholic school and is centred on relationships within the learning community
  • is underpinned by the expectation that all students will succeed and ensures the best progress of all learners
  • reflects what is valued and important by specifying the essential knowledge, skills and behaviours in a core curriculum accessible to all students
  • extends students to higher levels of knowledge, understanding and functioning
  • enables students to develop deep understandings about the world and how it works and to operate effectively in that world

Our staff participate in ongoing professional development, where their skills are utilised through collaboration, dialogue and conversations during planning sessions.