Enrolment Information

Enrolment Applications

Prep enrolments are open from February of the year prior to your child commencing school.

Families seeking Enrolments for any Year level should contact the School Office regarding availability of places.

The School’s Prospectus and Application Forms are avialable from the School Office.

Please contact Mary or Fiona to arrange for a copy to be sent to you.


03 9391 6262

Open Days are advertised in the local Newspapers and on this Website.

Families are welcome to arrange a tour of the school at a time that suits.



Parents are the first educators of their children and have the obligation and the right to ensure an adequate education, consistent with their beliefs and values.

When a child becomes a member of the Catholic Church through Baptism the parents and the Church have a commitment towards its new member.  The Parish of Newport offers all baptised Catholic children the opportunity of a primary school education and a school environment that supports the development of faith.


The following list provides the order of priority for enrolment at Sacred Heart Primary School:

1. Catholic families who are residents of the parish.

2. Catholic families who do not reside in the parish but are recognised as parishioners by the Parish Priest.

3. Catholic Families from other parishes (for pastoral reasons).

4. Children from non-Catholic Eastern churches who reside in the parish.

5. Children from non-Catholic Eastern churches who reside outside the parish.

6. Other Christian children who reside in the parish.

7. Other Christian children who reside outside the parish.

8. Non-Christian children who reside in the parish.

9. Non-Christian children who reside outside the parish.

Note: Siblings of children already enrolled in the school are given priority status.


Enrolment at Sacred Heart School is not automatic, but is subject to the above criteria, to the availability of places and to the discretion of the Parish Priest and school Principal.

In the process of enrolment, parents are asked to disclose relevant information by completing the Enrolment Application Form and submitting relevant documents.  Failure to disclose accurate information concerning your child may negate enrolment, or continuance of enrolment.

There is an expectation that parents support the school, commit to the payment of fees and assist the school through the avenues open to parents.

If families experience financial constraints that could prevent them from meeting the expectations of school fees they are asked to discuss the matter with the Principal.

For children that are currently attending other schools and seek enrolment at Sacred Heart School, there is an expectation that parents discuss their reasons with their current Principal prior to any consideration of transferring.

For students that do not reside in Sacred Heart Parish,  protocols require that applicants may need to gain permission to attend a Catholic Primary School outside of their parish from their resident Parish Priest.

Parents need to be aware that acceptance at Sacred Heart School does not mean automatic acceptance at another Catholic Primary or Secondary School.  Every school has their own enrolment processes.

Updated 2015

Review: 2019