At Sacred Heart we are committed to delivering quality, evidence based teaching in Mathematics. A key to our success is planning lessons that cater for individual learning differences and develop understanding through problem solving and reasoning.

At Sacred Heart teachers use an instructional model Anticipate, Launch, Explore, Summarise.

Anticipate – Teacher identifies learning goals for students through pre assessment, develops a focus question and plans for the lesson.

Launch – Teachers lead a whole class discussion to familiarise students with the lesson content, explicitly teach relevant knowledge, pose the main task and clarify any questions students may have.

Explore (Active Learning) – Students work through differentiated tasks which are designed to cater for individual learning differences, so that all students are engaged and challenged. Students develop their understanding through hands on experiences, problem solving and reasoning. Students may work independently, collaboratively and in targeted teaching groups.

Summarise – Students are supported in articulating their solutions and strategies. Teachers emphasis mathematical points and build on student contributions.

Year 1 Class – Summarise stage of lesson

NUMBER: Discussing their learning about making tens and ones using icy pole sticks and ‘bundling’.