Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation, Speaking & Listening

The teaching of English is highly strategic and well planned for, and incorporates the following: 

  • Providing intentional experiences in order to introduce new knowledge and provide authentic opportunities for rich learning
  • Recognising and applying the alphabetic principle to read, write and spell regular words
  • Identifying letter-sound correspondence
  • Building phonemic awareness skills
  • Use of decodable texts to embed skills
  • Investigating how words work in order to demonstrate spelling capabilities 
  • Exploring irregular sight words
  • Building vocabulary 
  • Developing comprehension

Students’ needs are explicitly targeted through whole class and small group focused teaching sessions with an emphasis on linking all curriculum areas.

“Now We’re Talking”

A unique aspect of our school is the provision of two resident Speech Pathologists onsite each week to screen and assess all preps and any students grade 1-6 that may be flagged as having difficulties in the classroom or playground.

They may be looking for:

  • Receptive and Expressive Language skills
  • Literacy skills 
  • Articulation (Speech Sounds) 
  • Social Communication skills 
  • Voice and Stuttering 
  • Behaviour and ability to attend 
  • And more

The Benefits of Speech Pathology at Sacred Heart

  • Assessments and reports currently have a 12-18 month waiting list within the community.
  • They work alongside our teaching team, learning diversity team and parents to help support your child in the classroom and beyond.
  • It allows for each student to be screened and any areas of concern to be picked up as early as possible. 
  • They will provide a summary of how your child performed and any areas of concern 
  • They will support you in the internal or external referral process if necessary.